China University of Petroleum (Beijing) SPWLA Student Chapter Recruiting Conference

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New members recruiting conference of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) SPWLA Student Chapter was held in room 204, Geological Building, beginning in 19:00, Nov 17th, 2016. As the host of the recruiting conference, the chairman Can Liang, accompanied with other members in the presidium, interviewed new members from the College of Geophysics and Information Engineering and other colleges. Finally sector heads and members of four departments within the SPWLA Student Chapter were determined.


At the beginning, the chairman Can Liang introduced the structure of the Chapter and function of departments in detail and stated the expectations to new members. In addition, she delivered sincere wishes to the growth of this student society. Afterwards, the presidium declared the form of the interview and the requirements to new members. Adopting the form of semi-open style, interviewees teamed up in 3 to 5 people, representing their ability suited for the department and his or her urge to join the Chapter. The recruiting interview ended with a relaxing and lively atmosphere. The presidium was determined with the President Can Liang, the Deputy President Zhengming Kang and Huimin Sun, the Secretary Jing Nie, and the Treasurer Wenbin Zheng. Meanwhile they respectively were the heads of four departments, including the Association Office, the Network Department, the Academia Department and the News Department. It turned out 30 students was recruited, covering a vast scope of professors’ students in well logging faculty and geosciences faculty.


The Chapter welcome students in CUPB to join SPWLA, hoping more people including teachers and students know about this association. We are committed to solving the questions about SPWLA, and establishing a better platform for academic exchanges.


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